Arches Brewery

If you want to know more about how water chemistry affects the taste of beer, you need to talk with Jamey, Head Brewer at Arches.  He treats each batch of water, for every type of beer he creates, so it takes on the local flavor of a specific area in Germany.  Most breweries treat their water but they don’t really focus on their water, though the times are a changing.


It’s fun to go through their website because they tell you the type of water used to “design” each of their beers. You don’t see that very often.

IMG_3568*This brewery doesn’t really get enough credit or attention. Such a cool place where you get to hang out with great owners and talk about everything beer right down to the water chemistry.


Two Dukes- Strong scotch ale 7.4%

Appearance: Murky brown…yep that’s it. You can figure it out.

Smell: Sweet with a slight smokiness.

Taste: Smooth smokey taste thats not over powering. Sweet yet strong malts.

Mexican Empire – Vienna Lager – 5.2%

Appearance: Medium caramel brown color

Smell: bready maltiness

Taste: like an upgraded yuengling. This, of course, is a compliment. The beer has a nutty caramel flavor with some bitterness.

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