Double IPA

Ever Clever Double IPA

Awww this is my very first single beer write up, which at first I was like yessss more things to post about. Unfortunately I have come to the understanding that a long ass beer review does not come easy for me. Over time hopefully I will improve or curl up into a ball because I failed at my life goal to make everyone happy.

Ever Clever Double IPA by Bearded Iris Brewing

Appearance: Hazy orange almost creamy looking.  **Side note: Using lactose is becoming popular in different styles not only milk stouts. The lactose can make a beer hazy and sweeter. *side note on a side note: Every time I see a hazy IPA I realize that there is a good chance that lactose may be a creepin somewhere. Which also means I am about to take a chance on how intolerant I am.

Let the record show this beer does not have lactose in it.

Smell: Tropical smells of orange, mango, and papaya. Pretty much like sniffing a fruit salad.

Taste: Really sweet malt and fruit taste but the bitterness on the backend helps balance the beer. Definitely get mango and papaya also some citrus notes like lemon and orange.

Mouthfeel: Chewy (yes I said chewy. It’s like juicy but thicc…. now sip the beer and tell me that’s not chewy) Medium body with a dry finish.

Overall: This is a good tropical double ipa. If you like your IPAs to be a little on the sweeter side this is your beer.


*Featured image was given to me by my coworker Willis who also gave me this awesome beer to try.


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