Eventide Brewery

For my first ever blog post, I decided to tell you about my Eventide Brewery experience.  I really hadn’t heard about Eventide Brewery because they really don’t get the word out about their brewery. I decided to visit the brewery on January 18th to try their Blueberry Kolsch style ale.


Eventide had 6 beers on tap The “A” IPA, Kattegat Baltic Porter, Highlander Scottish Ale, Dry Irish Nitro Stout, the Pale Ale, the Kolsch and their Blueberry Kolsch beer. One of the main reasons I stopped by was for the Blueberry Kolsch ale. Its a seasonal beer so once it’s kicked it’s gone.

 Eventide does not offer flights which can mean an expensive evening if you want to sample all the beers on tap or you are alone.  This would be a great place to go with a group so you can try the different beers (you order your favorite and sample your friends’ beers). In my case I had been sick hence the reason you are only getting a review over two beers.


I visited Eventide on a Thursday evening, after a snow storm hit the area, so I wasn’t expecting the brewery to be jumping and I wasn’t surprised when I arrived, around 7, to find only a few bar folks. However, by 9, the brewery started to fill up for trivia night.  Between you, me and the beer, I suck at Trivia so I went to the room next door to play corn hole and medium size Jenga. In my opinion, I would visit Eventide again, if someone invited me and paid for my beer.  Other than that, Eventide is great place to go if you miss tailgating with your crew.


*Games on one side and beautiful lights on the other side. The building is great for events.


Blueberry Kolsch

Appearance: copper orange with little head and no carbonation.

Smell: Honey and fresh fruit.

Taste: Sweet honey up front with fresh cut grass and acidic on the back then the blueberry shows up last.

Mouthfeel: light on the palate beer but the honey makes almost a molasses feel.

Baltic Porter Kattegat

Appearance: Dark brown almost with a white brown head.

Smell: Roasty but not coffee maybe nuts, brown suga for sure

Taste: Nutty again but in a different accent. With some dark fruit background.

Mouthfeel: Smooth medium body


*Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for helping me sample beers and encouraging me to start all this. Without him you all would not be lucky enough to read my gibberish.

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